Spring 2019 Exhibitions

Students of the B.F.A.

Submitted artworks by students currently working towards their Bachelor of Fine Arts

Brandon Vegh, Eloisa Garcia-Caro, Patrick Garcia, Genevieve Kjesbu, Izza Ayon, Sheila Davis

Foyer Gallery

March - May 2019


Dave Woody Photography Portfolio Class Exhibition

Samantha Hernandez, Kayla Maines, Pénélope Ressouche, Courtney Junette, Eddie Orrego, Jake Langston, Tim Sell, Nick Cozad, Zoe Foxe, Jennifer Riess, Tyler Hughes, .Devin Mizer, Frankie Mann, Elijah Howe

SBS Lobby

March - April 2019

Invisible Battles

Group exhibition on the topic of mental health

Droh Droh, Eloisa Garcia-Caro, Woody, Alexandra Gonzalez,

Emma Jones, Heather Graham, Liz G, Cecily Chavira

Karshner Lounge

February - March 2019

Fall 2018 Exhibitions

Humboldt County Homeless College Student Photovoice Project

Coordinated and created by Social Work Professor Dr. Pamela Bowers and 8 HSU Students

Exhibition of the stories of several student’s experience with being house-less while attending Humboldt State University.

This project was made possible with support from California Humanities, a non-profit partner of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Visit

SBS Lobby

October - December 2018

Acclimation Humboldt

Sara Kimber, Eloisa Garcia Caro, Droh Droh, Frances Mann,

Patrick Garcia, Maya Makino, Allison Pitts

Supported by: Hensel’s Ace Hardware, Arcata Art Center, Minor Theater, Wolf Dawg.

Karshner Lounge

November - December 2018

David Got Lost in the Hills

Elijah Howe Photography

Foyer Gallery

October to December

At Least I’m Safe Inside My Mind

Patrick Garcia Photography

SBS Lobby

September to October 2018

Night Works

Dalton Brewer and Neil Kemper

Karshner Lounge

Feb 16-March 15


Infectious Reflections

Works by Jennifer Duran, Hannah Pierce, and Jessica Parker

The Foyer Gallery

Feb. 16-March 16

Reception Friday, March 1st, at 5:30 p.m.


The Flowery Memories

Photographic Works by Ziwei Wang

SBS Gallery

Feb. 16-March 15

My art works are based on a belief that photography is the evidence of sight which can be addressed and healed through observation. I don’t want to just document the body. The face isn't what is important with a human being, it's the soul. I create imagery to help navigate and formulate my right to see, to accommodate the positioning of my soul in the world.
I think the good thing about art is that it gives me a great chance to express myself. For me, it had been a great period of time to learn from myself, and tell the rest of the world about my stories. Like some art works I made thought out the year, shows a great deal of my thoughts, and memory.
And finally, I want to thank my professor Don Anton for bringing me into photographic world, I also want to express my appreciation to all of my friends for their support, especially to Fei Wang, Xiaozhen, and Qinjin for being there when I needed them.

The Print Show

Karshner Lounge

Jan. 19-Feb. 15

Reception Thursday, Feb. 7th

The Celestial Mirror

Photographic Works by Kelly Croke and Sara Wolf

The Foyer Gallery

Jan. 21-Feb. 15

Reception Friday, Feb. 8th 6-8PM

When the limits of our perception dissolve the unknown presents itself. Artists Sara Wolf and Kelly Croke invite the community to join them for the opening ceremony of their photography show, "The Celestial Mirror". Collectively they weave light and color to grasp the ethereal iconography of the feminine. The veil of the conscious mind is dissolved, join us the HSU Foyer gallery on February 8th at 6pm during Arts Arcata.

(G)litter Vision

Drawings by Natale Schoch and Photography by Abbey Byers

SBS Gallery

Jan. 19-Feb. 15th

Reception Friday, Feb. 15 6-8PM

Humboldt State University students, Abbey Byers and Natalie Schoch are presenting a collaborative shot titled (g)litter vision. The show features film
photographs by Byers and mixed media drawings by Schoch. The subject matter focuses on decay, and sublimity often though an autobiographical lens. 
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