Exhibition proposal deadline - May 24th

Submit your exhibition proposal according to the directions seen under Show Your Art

Exhibition proposals will be reviewed promptly after deadline. SAG members will reach out to you to find general timeslots for exhibition that will best befit everyone's needs. These timeslots may be between a month to two month exhibition time. 

A prospectus will be sent out weeks ahead of the exhibition dates, giving you extra information about the specific needs of the gallery you are exhibiting in, further information asking about the art you are exhibiting, and further aids in helping you gather that information. Including a time line of dates that are pertinant to your exhibition. These often include installation dates, the reception (if decided that is wanted), the first and last day of exhibition and the de-installation dates. There will likely be another deadline for you to respond with specific information about your art, which is usually the title, the date created, the medium, the dimensions, wholesale and insurance prices, including any special needs for the work. 

For each exhibition we like to have our employed graphic designer create promotional materials, although we welcome artists to create their own. 

For each exhibition installation we ask all artists, if possible, to aid in the installation to ensure any and all needs of the art and the artist is met during installation. This is also a great oppurtunity for you to be able to understand the needs of gallerists as you step into your post-graduate career.

We also sign contracts of consignment that essentially temporarily loans your art to us and insures it during exhibition installation. 

Receptions are not required but are always welcomed. SAG can assist in planning receptions, but will often not absorb costs for food and drink. 

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