SAG will be accepting applications for FALL 2019 Semester Exhibitions

Click here to submit your application using Google forms

Preparing for your Exhibition

When submitting your application please review these steps:

Think about what kind of exhibition you would like to have. Here are some ideas:

Solo exhibitions can include:

Retrospectives - exhibition of an extended body of work over time. 

Selected/Survey works - exhibition of curated works from portfolio

Series - exhibition of a specific group of work tied to a specific subject/medium/process of thought/etc

Group exhibitions are often centered around specific topics that bind the works together as a cohesive group. Past examples include:

The Women's Exhibition

Invisible Battles - Exhibition on Mental Health

Resonance - Exhibition of only photo-portfolio students 

Acclimation - juried exhibition on the topic of student life at Cal Poly Humboldt

When considering an idea, also consider what works you currently working on, and how many you have, and whether they can adequently fill the walls of your desired space. Exhibition proposals that do not promise an exstensive body of work that can be appropriate for the space will likely be rejected. 

Which is why it may be good to consider paring up with one other artist, or several other artists whose work can help fill the wall space. 

IF you are preparing for a group show please note that only one person needs to fill out a proposal application for all the participants. 

You will need everyone's emails ( preferred) and their phone numbers. We do not give out this information. You will also need at least one photo of each participant's work

Once you have a good idea about the info above, this is what the application is going to ask of you.

Again you will need everyone's emails ( preferred) and their phone numbers. 

We would like to know if which galleries you can to exhibit in, and and your preference. This is not required in the application but can be helpful to yourself and to us.

A short description of your exhibition, what your topic may be, what mediums will be present, if you want it to coordinate with a specific event and any detail you may find important to include.

Whether or not if your work is 3D and would need to sit on a pedestal or shelf. We have limited pedestals and shelves, this will help us make sure you will be supplied with everything neccessary.

You will need to know if your work will be 'exhibition ready' by the time your exhibition rolls around, and what that means exactly.

If you have taken ART 356 or ART 482, or worked with any gallery or contemporary art museum, you may know that art doesn't hang magically on walls and that art made professionally is easier to hang and overall safer to hang.


For any artwork that is 2D and hangs on a wall, it must have something to hang it by. You should mount any illustration, photograph, prints, anything on paper, and then frame it. Cheap frames often do not hold well, consider buying a frame that you can attach your own hanging wire to. Some frames' d-rings or saw-tooth hangers may not fit with our pre-purchased hardware, so if you may have concern contact us at Hanging wires will always work and are preferred

All painting must have hanging wires!!!! 

Here is a basic handy guide on how to install a wire on a picture frame

Here is a basic handy guide on how to install a wire on a wooden painting frame.

Please also consider talking to your teachers on tips for your art as each is different in its own respect and may require special needs.

Ceramic works that hang should always be double-checked with professors at the ceramics lab as this process is even more particular to the kind of work you have. 

All paintings must be completely dry - no wet paint

All ceramic work must be fired. - no wet clay or unfired glaze

Please provide any stands for jewerly, clothing, etc., really that needs extra support. 

Artist statements are not required.